The Round Table Chronicles A Modern Serial About An Ancient Tale Reborn...

Created by TJ Schongar

It is said that in Britain's greatest time of need King Arthur will return to save his people...
As will his knights, his queen, his wizard, and his enemies.
Thade Sloan is a college student who is grasping for control of his overly-manicured life. When he meets Cassian White, an ageless drunk with more charm than he knows what to do with, chaos ensues. Cassian dreams of knights and has the power to make anyone forget him. Anyone, that is, except Thade. The two team up to figure out what is going on, but the closer they get to answers, the closer a sinister figure approaches. One who knows too much...

The cover of The Round Table Chronicles Book 1: Summer of the Lost Wizard. The cover features a silhouette of two men standing next to a tree, with the taller leaning over the shorter man. The silhouette fades from cyan at bottom to dark royal blue/

Book 1 Cover by TJ Schongar

11/22/2022: Welcome!

  Hello! This is the home of The Round Table Chronicles. Everything from the books, short stories, and lore will be available here soon. There's just a LOT to post! I hope you will stick around as we post more and more content every day. Take care!