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Woman Woman's business house

No matter how big or small the village, every Woman Woman has three houses: one for her to live in, one for the orphaned girls she is responsible for, and one in which she carries out the business of leading the village.  It is in this house that she meets with women who wish to make requests, report complaints, or present disputes.

Purpose / Function

A Woman Woman must be discreet in handling village business.  A small house for private meetings allows her to discuss confidential matters with other women, especially those who are also members of the Moon Women.


The business house is built in the same style and proportions as a dwelling, but on a smaller scale.  The interior room is approximately as wide as a woman's outstretched arms, and it is just tall enough that she can stand without hitting her head.  The floor slopes up slightly from the entrance, so that when a woman enters the room she feels smaller than Woman Woman.  It is only big enough for her to meet with one other woman at a time, so that in the case of a dispute she may hear out each side without interference from the other.


Unlike a dwelling, the business house has only one entrance.  It faces south and is the only source of light, illuminating Woman Woman's guest but not Woman Woman herself.  This is to prevent women from trying to read her feelings from her face.

Contents & Furnishings

The only furniture inside the house is a framework of pipe tree, embedded into the ground, against which Woman Woman leans.  There is no such amenity available for her guest, because by tradition it is forbidden for a woman to sit when she is in the same room as a Woman Woman.


The village's moon talisman is displayed on the pipe tree framework. Only Woman Woman can handle it, and it may only leave the house to be used in ceremonies.
Ruling/Owning Rank

View from the future

The tradition of conducting business in a separate building is nearly universal. Home is a place for rest.

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