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Red Tree Village

Red Tree Village is the most northerly of women's settlements.  It has a history thirty generations deep, but a precarious existence.  It is one of the smallest settlements despite its age, and its residents are always wary of the landscape turning against them.

Industry & Trade

The short growing season at the higher altitude makes Red Tree Village less able to support itself by farm trees.  Fish and game are plentiful, however, and the mountains are a good source for stones for flaking or grinding into tools.  The women send tool blades, hides, and dried meat south in exchange for herbs, firewood, and pipe tree.


Red Tree Village sits along a stream nestled between steep hills. Its moon peak is on the south side, at nearly a kilometer higher in elevation than the village core. Most of the farming is also centerd on the south hills, while the north hills are mined for useful stone.


During one season of particularly heavy rains a landslide destroyed the women's oldest village, just a two-day walk to the north. This was not discovered until many months later when a boy pack entered the valley and found the trail obliterated by debris. By that time there was no hope of searching for survivors. Although this occurred more than ten generations ago, women of Red Tree Village always remember and nervously watch the hills anytime rain persists continuously for more than three days.


Weather in Red Tree Village is characterized by extremes.  The rainy season is only two or three months long, in comparison to the five or six months that the lower villages expect, but during those months the rain is a daily occurrence.  It is warm during the day year-round, but during the dry season the temperature at night can get near freezing.

View from the future:

75 years
Red Tree Village lasted only a few generations more, succumbing at last not to a landslide but to flooding. Early warning enabled Woman Woman and Spirit-talker to get all the residents up to the moon peak in time to avoid deaths, but all structures were washed away and a significant percentage of their forage area was ruined. Lacking the resources to re-establish the village, the women traveled south and took up residence in other villages.

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