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Bleeding Moon

Every month at the full moon, all residents of a village gather at the highest point within its borders to greet the moon and ask her favor. Most years, there is at least one such night when the moon's face darkens. The women believe that this means the moon is looking down to search for a tree to fill with her blood and make into a woman. If the shadow covers her completely and her face becomes red, this is a sign that she has found the tree and given it life. The women and mature girls in a village watch from the moon peak as she searches the trees. If the moon chooses a tree they wait there, believing that somewhere a tree has become a walking woman, and hoping that she might come to their moon peak so that they can welcome her to their village.   Because the bleeding moon is part of the women's secret lore, boys and young girls are not allowed to participate in the extended ceremony. Spirit-talker can predict approximately when a bleeding moon may be expected to occur.  On such nights the wishing ceremony is concluded swiftly and the children taken home and put to bed.  Any Feast of First Blood supposed to occur is postponed, so that the mature girls can join the women in returning to the moon peak to wait for the walking tree.


The moon's bleeding begins with a dark shadow visible at the edge of her face.  It slowly spreads until it covers the whole disk of the moon, and then her face takes on the reddish tinge of her blood.   By watching the passing shadow long enough, Spirit-talker can determine what decision the moon will make.  It is still impressive to watch her examine the trees, but there is no change to the ceremony and few will stay for the entire eclipse.

View from the future

People still stay up to watch lunar eclipses, but because they no longer worship the moon, they're just awesome, not religiously significant.

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