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Gachnif Clothing

The villagers in the Realm wear clothes made primarily out of wool, which is dyed and then spun and woven. Both men and women wear tunics with loose leggings, although there are some differences in style. Aprons are also popular for both men and women, although not every villager wears one. Both men and women wear leather boots tied with straps.

Gender Differences in Clothing

Men tend to wear shorter tunics than women. They are also more likely to wear warm colors made with red or yellow dyes, while women tend to wear cool colors with green or brown dyes. Men's leggings tend to be looser than women's.

Special Clothing

In the winter, villagers wear cloaks and hoods. Fur cloaks exist, but are very expensive. Hoods may be made waterproof with a Repel Water spell cast by a mage of Luuda, although the spell tends to wear off within a few months.

Manufacturing process

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Clothes in the Realm are made by a weaver, who dyes the wool, spins it, weaves it, and sews the cloth. Clothes are generally made to order, although garments are so loose-fitting that detailed measurements usually do not need to be made. Villagers will generally make minor repairs to their own clothes without going to the weaver.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory


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