WorldEmber Pledge Document 2021

I pledge to write 10,000 words of worldbuilding during December!


My main goal of World-Ember is to work on my active worldbuilding area. Doing this will help focus my world building on where it needs to be without getting board.
My side Goals (when i need inspiration) is to go back to past challenges and prompts.

Main Points Of Focus

  Focusing my work will help me stay on track and not go down to many rabbit holes. The three organizations that I will be working on have a high influence in all the neighbouring countries. Flashing these three out will help in the planning of the countries.

The Academy (The Lunaris Accreton Academy)

  At there 11 year ALL children have a chance to take the Academy entrance exam. There is 3 ways to enter the academy once you pass the exam. First your family pays the tuition fee outright, or a payment plan. The second is a scholarship opportunity for the top 50 students on the exam. Lastly you can also be sponsored by a wealthy family. You Enter the Academy during your 12th year and most graduate by there debutante year also known as there 16th year. When you leave the academy you can choose the path you wish to apprentice in. This includes Alchemy, Magic, Knight, Politics, Business and/or Religion. Many aristocrats further their study in two mane subjects. Where commoners will chose one to specialize in since there is less opportunity over all to be promoted.

Alchemist Tower (better name needed)

  When you leave the academy you can register with the Alchemist tower and become the apprentice of a master. The head of the alchemist tower is the Thera they reside in the mane tower which was Maezil the birthplace of alchemy Now The ES Alliance. The tower has one main branch that keep track of the Alchemists in that country. In most adventure guild halls there is a branch for the alchemy tower. For more information check out Alchemy For Beginers

Magic Society (better name needed)

  The head of the Magic Society is the Doughma they reside in the mane Building in Yadral . The building has one main branch that keep track of the magic in that country. In most adventure guild halls there is a branch for the magic society. You may register for the society once you leave the academy.

Extra Focus Areas

  These are just for fun and to mix things up. When I’m stuck on what to do on the mane focus I can design a branch of one of these organizations. Though they don’t have the same influence as the ones listed above but they still do appear in every country.

Adventures Guild (better name needed)

  Can join at age 10 at rank E-F rare cases D.

Merchant Guild (better name needed)

  Where you can get a merchant license (any age)


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6 Nov, 2021 12:26

Excellent goals! Sounds like you've got a solid plan for WorldEmber this year - I look forward to reading more of your world! :D

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Alan M Rogers
6 Nov, 2021 15:39

Magic schools are unaccountably fascinating to me. One of the fantasy tropes I like the best - but I also love high magic worlds! Sounds like you have a lot planned to write this year.