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Divine Dichotomy

In this land caught between eras, where the shadow of the ancient forest meets the light of a new dawn, the divine struggle is not just a tale of gods and worshippers—it is the living history of the Northern Reaches itself.
— obannon

The Old Gods and the New in the Northern Reaches

In the mythic landscape of the Northern Reaches, the echoes of ancient divinity wrestle with the voices of emergent deities. The Prelacy of Middenmark is a realm where this struggle transcends mere lore and becomes the heartbeat of the land. This article explores the profound narrative potential found in the clash between the ancient Anganach and the rising Futurus, and how this conflict shapes the lives and beliefs of those who dwell within these storied borders.

The Old Gods

Echoes of the Ancient Wilderness
The Anganach represents the Old Gods, deities like Herne the Hunter and Silvanus, whose essence is woven into the fabric of the Northern Reaches. They are the whispered secrets of the swaying forests, the unseen gaze in the quiet streams, and the silent watchers of the wild. Followers of the Old Gods hold to the traditions of the land, honoring the rhythms of nature and the ancient covenants made in the shade of elder trees.
They may build their cities and preach their sermons, but they cannot command the deer to obey, nor the wolf to heel. The Old Gods need no man's law; they are the law of nature itself.
— The Venerable Ranger
Those who revere the Old Gods carry within them a piece of the world’s primeval magic. They are the stewards of the wilderness, often seen as the last bulwarks against the encroaching order that seeks to tame the land’s untamed spirit. Their lives are interwoven with the natural world, granting them insights and bonds with the creatures and the elements that new faiths cannot fathom.
Herne the Hunter
Character | Dec 24, 2023

also known as the Horned God or Venator Cervus, stands as a fascinating and mystical figure in the pantheon of the Ancient Ones, or Anganach.


The New Gods

The March of Progress and Order
In stark contrast, the New Gods, spearheaded by the zealous church of St. Ygg, symbolize a new epoch. They bring with them the light of civilization, the structure of written law, and the promise of safety within the fortified walls of faith. Devotees of the New Gods view the Northern Reaches as a canvas for a grand design, a place where the wilderness can be shaped by human hands and divine will.
In the New Gods, we find salvation and structure. Where once was chaos and wild belief, now there is hope, a path to a future bright with promise.
— Priest of St. Ygg
The rise of the Futurus signifies a shift in the spiritual landscape, one that champions the virtues of law, order, and progress. The faithful of St. Ygg and their counterparts carry forth the ideals of their gods into the world, often finding themselves at odds with the lingering adherents of the Anganach. Their mission is one of transformation, seeking to illuminate the dark corners of the land with the fire of their conviction.
The Red Bannermen
Organization | Apr 26, 2024

The Order of the Crimson Cross, colloquially known as the Red Bannermen


Conflict and Coexistence

The Tapestry of Belief
The interplay between the Old Gods and the New is a canvas for complex social dynamics. It's a world where quiet reverence for ancient stones may be challenged by the ringing of new church bells. It is a land of secret groves and grand cathedrals, of druidic circles and paladin orders. The people of the Northern Reaches navigate this duality daily, often blending traditions in a quiet rebellion or choosing to stand defiantly for one creed against another.
The Old Gods have watched over my family's fields for generations, yet the New Gods promise protection against the orcs. It is a hard thing to reconcile the faith of my father with the safety of my children.
— The Cautious Farmer
Festivals under moonlit skies honor the Old Gods in hushed tones, while daylight processions celebrate the might and mercy of the New. In places like Eastdale, the edicts of the church govern the rhythm of life, yet beneath its streets, the old ways persist, nurturing seeds of resistance that bloom in the shadow of prohibition.  

Divine Influence

The Weave of Fate
The gods of the Northern Reaches are not idle deities; their hands shape the fate of the land and its people. Tales tell of divine interventions where the will of the gods manifests in miraculous events, guiding the destiny of the realm. The moral fabric of society is a reflection of the divine struggle, with each act of devotion or defiance weaving a thread into the larger story of the Northern Reaches.
In closing, the interwoven destinies of the Old Gods and the New form the bedrock of the Northern Reaches' spiritual and cultural identity. As the Prelacy of Middenmark stands at the crossroads of faith, the echoes of the past and the hymns of the future create a symphony that resonates through the heart of every villager, adventurer, and dreamer who calls this land home.
A Saucy Rebellion
Plot | Apr 23, 2024

The Church of St. Ygg has gone too far in Eastdale; Rebellion is brewing.


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