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The Cetians were an ancient species of advanced aliens, who were active within modern-day Human and Mperi space for several millennia, until about one thousand years ago when they are believed to have gone extinct. They are named such due to the initial discovery of traces of their civilisation by humanity in the Tau Ceti system in the early 24th Century, shortly after the beginning of humanity's interstellar expansion. They are primarily known in human space for being the inventors of Wormhole Gateways, which humanity reverse-engineered in the mid-24th Century, and which have become the backbone of interstellar travel in human space in the centuries since. Very little is known about the Cetians, save for their use of Gateways and their apparent penchant for terraforming planets. Their language has not been translated, as it is completely alien to both Humans and Mperi, and nothing is known of their physical characteristics or society.


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