The Order of the Lost Archmagus

Feodas 79th of Fraktios, 192nd Rotation of the Age of Fallen Kings

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If you are interested in learning more about I'athos, then please check out that world's page. This is a short story written in the world of I'athos and inspired by one of my favorite mages in the world's history. Also, if you enjoy what you see here, don't forget to follow along to be kept up with the details, both here and on NaNoWriMo!   36 Rotations ago, the sky was torn asunder, and another planet came hurtling towards I'athos. It clipped the edge of the world, shattering a vast portion of the world, but worse, depositing it's inhabitants. They called themselves the Draconians. Led by their Empress, they began a conquest against I'athos, taking kingdoms, city by city. They seemed unstoppable. Of the nine dominant kingdoms, only two remained unconquered, Umar and Norgraith. Upon venturing into the Umar, they found an opponent, they did not expect. The Archmagus Ashuriel, and his wife, Kataline. Together, they dove into the forbidden arts and, commanding the Order of the Archmagus, they halted the advancement of the Draconians. Things seemed to be going well for Umar for a time, until a shadow descended upon the Order, a shadow of silvered darkness, and the Order, along with it's two leaders, vanished. Hunters arose in many forms, scholars, mercenaries, trappers, all were given royal dictate, to find and return the Archmagus, but hope was lost, and the search was terminated when the Draconians resumed their onslaught. Yet, life goes on, and in the height of a blood hungry war, facing total domination, families are still forged, and children are born. In a small town bordering the two remaining nations, there lives a young man, named Zechariah. He has been plagued his whole life by visions of lighting and thunder, of a beautiful woman, and a planet turned to Chaos. Though most consider him to be nothing more than a 'disturbed child', he cannot shake the feeling that his dreams mean something. He cannot help but believe he has a destiny that awaits him.