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A long raven feather carved from a single piece of black obsidian and inlaid with gold accents and filligree.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Cut your self on Wrevendon to seal it to you. Once a Year at the Winter Soltice you may speak one question you wished answered over Wrevendon before you lay down to slumber. During your sleep you will be given a dream that contains the answer. You will remember the dream unless you make a concentrated effort to forget.

Manufacturing process

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One of the most unique magical Items ever to be created. Crafted by the Forgemistress of Tol Covar, Selinda Gen, at the command of Emperor Avar IV as a reward for consumate duty and bravery. While making a Imperial Tour, as was custom for every holder of the Imperial Throne, Avar the IV's entourage was betrayed and attacked. His brother, Levit the Attainted, secreted a force of warriors loyal to him among the entourage. When the trap was sprung, assasins came within two meters of the Emperer. He was saved when an aide to the Prefect of Trade, Mar Reving, tackled the first enemy to come close and wrestled a dagger from the soldier's belt and killed him. He picked up the enemy's sword and defended his Emperor, felling three and taking a dozen wounds, one should have slain him outright when he was stabbed in the gut. But he kept fighting until the relief force arrived and felled the traitors. The Emperor commanded his personal physician to attend Mar. He lived though it was close for almost a fortnight.   In recognition of this Avar IV ordered an item created that would allow Mar and his descendents to continue through perpituity so that such steadfast loyalty would be preserved. The Wrevendon was created and bestowed personally on Mar Reving who was named personal aide to the Emperor. It was passed down for the next four and half centuries until it was given to Isabella Reving by her father to take with her to her newly earned post of Provincial Governor.   As Provincial Governor she was granted a small amount of personal Magic Items so as to represent the Empire's might. After the Fall she gifted many of them but kept the Wrevendon for herself and family. IT has been passed down the generations till it's current owner, King Tinagrael.
Creation Date
450 AF
Legendary Unique
14 kg
.35 meter long
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Solid onyx with gold filigree


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