Zamara Jones

Zamara Jones (a.k.a. the Jesting Hacker)

Zamara is one of the fastest hackers the Lynxes have ever had, and she takes great pride in that. She studies hard and works harder. She forces herself to be better than the already high standards her parents and grandparents have set for her and her brother. Not only because she cannot stand the idea of failing, but because she's terrified of what would happen if she did.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zamara was taught all the hacking ways by her Aunt Vivian, while her mom taught her hard work and perseverance. Her dad (for reasons she has yet to figure out) is not privy to the criminal side of the family, because of that Zamara never relied on her dad for anything.

She rarely sees her dad between school and her criminal lessons, and was told by her Aunt and mom that her dad was not to be trusted. So, she went to her Aunt when she had a question. Eventually, she learned that no one, not even her own dad, her own family, can be trusted.


When Zamara started going to public school, she found everything useless, except for math, her only good subject. While she was dedicated to proving herself to her family, she did not care about proving herself to her teachers.

It was only after her mom and Aunt Vivian had demanded better grades did she start making A's. After that day, Zamara learned that failing is not an option, and never can be.

Failures & Embarrassments

Zamara has failed several times (none of which will be mentioned here), however one significant failure that will be mentioned is her failure in being a good teammate. Shoving her cousins and fellow teammates to the side and opting to practice her hacking is a common practice in Zamara's life.


Zephan Jones

Twin Brother (Vital)

Towards Zamara Jones



Zamara Jones

Twin Sister (Vital)

Towards Zephan Jones




Zephan and Zamara have a confusing relationship. They both love and care for each other, but tend to find themselves desperately hating each other

Current Status
practicing hacking
Zephan Jones (Twin Brother)
dark brown
shoulder length, dark brown


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