Mark Smith

Mark Smith (a.k.a. the Cowardly Lion)

The youngest in the Lion's family is Mark Smith. He is destined to be a great leader and to lead his criminal team to infamy and beyond. However, leading and being a leader is not something Mark has ever done well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up in a criminal home Mark was taught by his parents that to be a good leader one must lead by example. They must not shout or demand that their team listen and obey. One must simply walk into the room and command. "A single word from your mouth will determine how successful the mission will be." his dad tells him.

But Mark has struggled to live up to the near perfect example his parents have set, and he's not sure he will ever be able to lead like his parents tell him to. But he knows he has to try, if he doesn't he'll be ex-commed and kicked out of the neighborhood. Never to see his family again.


Mark has gone to a public school, but most of his "real lessons" happened at home with his dad and grandfather, John Smith He was taught how to lead by example and the qualities he must instill in his team if he were to ever lead a successful mission.

These "real-life lessons" involved constant shouting from his grandfather and an ever present stare from his father. Mark always seemed to stumble over his words and always seemed to make the wrong decision.

Failures & Embarrassments

Many of Mark's more obvious and already stated failures has been the inability to do what every Lion was born to do: lead. His second and not so obvious failure is his lack of confidence.


William Smith

Older Brother

Towards Mark Smith



Mark Smith

Younger Brother (Important)

Towards William Smith




William and Mark have had a rough relationship especially growing up in a competitive, criminal household. Mark looked up to William, but William being considered the better leader and criminal shunned his little brother, and gave him no help when it came to being a good team leader.

Current Status
stressing out about leading his team
William Smith (Older Brother)
buzz cut, light brown


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