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The city of Luceat was founded in 2020. Located in Western Algeria, the city was founded as a joint venture between the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria and the United Nations. Luceat has become a marvel of modern technology. The architecture is advanced, new materials and techniques giving the city a unique style; many organizations have established offices and labs in the city, taking advantage of the rare and expensive resources available in the city; and many people have immigrated to Luceat to live in the shining beacon of progress that the city has become.

In the interest of strengthening their position as a world-wide political and military power, the United Nations proposed the establishment of a new metropolis. The UN offered their assistance building and maintaining the new city, as well as grants for research, engineering, and other endeavors. The Republic of Algeria, as a still-growing country, was eager to improve their relationship with the UN and quickly agreed to the proposition. Within a decade, the city had grown from a town of a few hundred construction workers and support staff to nearly two million residents. Over the years since then, the city has continued to grow at a fast pace.


Luceat's demographics are typical of any large city in the world, with minorities of both poor and extremely wealthy. Most people are middle class, with more extremely poor people than extremely wealthy. Overall, the city is economically stable and well. However, the ratio of @[Empowered] to normal people is considerably higher than any other city, with nearly sixty percent of the population having some kind of special ability.


The city of Luceat is in western Algeria, around one hundred miles south of the city Tabalbala. Thought there was originally very little where the city was founded, part of the United Nations' agreement was to help terraform the land. Using the technology that the UN had access to, a lake was created before the city was built. Nearly eight miles across and fifteen miles long, the lake is an incredible demonstration of the capabilities of the United Nations. Once the lake was dug and filled, the city was built on the western banks.

5.3 million

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