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the Obscured Seas

The 982nd Year in the Age of Obscurity

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You look down upon a world obscured by a vast expanse of dense fog, only occasionally interrupted by patches of clarity. These breaks in the mists each show the ocean beneath, and at the center of each such patch lie islands. The islands seem to shift at times, disappearing as they are swallowed up by the mists surrounding their shores, then reappearing in another location. The islands themselves vary greatly in size, population, and even nature. You see forested bluffs, rocks willed with jungles, and mountains that rise out of the seas. You see small hamlets within sparsely inhabited plains, but also massive, sprawling cities each marked by a massive obsidian monolith within the city.

On the Obscured Seas

the Obscured Seas
Though careful study of what precious little remains of before the Obscuring, as well as tales of navigators, we have attempted to create a map of the world as is without the distortion by the mists.

The Obscured Seas are named aptly, as the mists obscure everything that lies beneath. The ever-present blanket of mist starts roughly at ten miles of any given shore. Those who enter into the mists seem no longer to be bound to the natural laws governing the world. One could enter the fog in one location and find themselves back in mere minutes, or enter once more and sail for weeks without any land in sight before ending up in unknown lands, or with bad luck at the same place where one started. Without a guiding focus or beacon to determine one’s destination, those who traverse the mists are bound to get lost.
Massive obsidian monoliths mark the Beacon Cities, sprawling metropolises in a stagnant world. Though the origin of these monoliths have been lost to the ages, they ever still guide those lost in the fog, be they willing or not. For many a sailor, it serves as the focal point in traversing the mists, whereas these monoliths too seem to have an attracting effect on anything cast within the Obscured Seas themselves, leading to an oddly high amount of castaways and material lost at sea washing up at the Beacon Cities and an eternal population growth.

On the Island of Wittering

The Island of Wittering

Within the Obscured Seas lies an island.

On the City of Wittering, Center of the World

Wittering Player Map

The greatest of such cities goes by the name of Wittering. Situated in an unforgiving land that seems to drain away most life taking root in its soil, its population nevertheless grows and has been growing since its refounding. Refounding indeed, for below and in between the current city lie eons of ruins, mysteriously absent until the first settlers drifted upon these lands.
Wittering, first of the refounded, is a massive city build upon the ruins of an ancient city on the shores of the island of the same name. It is the first major city to be rebuild after the mysterious Obscuring and the subsequent loss of civilization and knowledge. This is much due to the Waystone, the obsidian beacon located within the Witterbay, and the first of those to be discovered by Harald Stormweather and his fleet.

On the Bravest of Adventurers

  Within this stagnant world there are still those that would brave its dangers, to seek change within the world and to have their actions reverberate throughout history. These people, adventurers one and all, come from all walks of life, yet their fates are their own to decide. They do have a handy Collection of Messages left on the Trollskull Manor Door, though.

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