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The Nordhavyn Isles

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The last of a people flee a forgotten realm and land upon the shores of The Nordhavyn Isles. They quickly establish cities and settlements along the coast and begin to adapt to their new found land. Over the years, hundreds ships have arrived from the East. Slowly, the numbers dwindled until they altogether stopped.   No one has seen any other ships come from the East for several decades now. Why they stopped is a mystery. However, so too is the reason for the Great Exodus as it has been come to be called. Those old enough to remember it are tight lipped and refuse to speak of it. It has also been removed from all known historical records. All books and scrolls that were found to have information from before the exodus have been destroyed.   The people, however, continue to prosper in this new land. Obviously well suited for life in almost any setting, they seem to adapt quickly and succeed wherever they settle. Seemingly self appointed leaders stake claims and begin to manage the realms under their control. Although mostly without incident, conflict has arisen from time to time.   Now these people find themselves well entrenched in a land they now call home. A people with a past almost lost to them and a future that may not be as steady and prosperous as they seem to believe. Others appear to have called this place home before they arrived and may seek to reclaim it for themselves.