The New Frontier: Legacy of the Cataclysm

4500 (AC 396)

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The Earth is dead, and Old Sol no longer rules the galaxy. After an age of barbarism, the New World rises, and The New Frontier awaits.   The New Frontier is a post post apocalyptic science fiction world set in the galactic neighborhood of the human homeworld of Earth during a renaissance after the Age of Darkness an age of Techno-Barbarism caused by the Scourging of Earth and the Great Cataclysm. In this age of rebirth, many factions fight over the resources left behind by the old world, as well as power and influence of their neighbors. Even as power struggles brew in settled space, wild frontiers have many opportunities for discovery.   The New Frontier is a campaign world built around, first and foremost Mongoose Traveller. Players are expected to play Spacers, working class people working on an interstellar vessel running cargo and passengers, and, perhaps, getting into trouble along the way. Every day will be a struggle to keep the lights on, food on their plates, and hydrogen in their reactors.


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