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May Day Declaration

The May Day declaration was an announcement made by late President of the Democratic Republic of Yuanjing, Zhou Ming Sen arguably shaped galactic politics ever since. The declaration made on May the 1st, 2092, Earth Calendar, as the Long Night was beginning to come to an end, and marked one of the many turning points that defined the end of that period. The effects of the declaration took a while to achieve its any noticable effect, bit over time would become increasingly relevant in hindsight, particularly in the frontier where the impacts of the organizations effected by the declaration would be most felt.   On the 1st of May, Chancellor Zhou Ming Sen declared his intention to form a Stelsoc bloc to contest for control of the galaxy. He invited other members of the wider galactic Stelsoc movement to join hands in an alliance in order to build a better future for the galaxy. He also declared his intention fight against Solist and Frentierist elements in the galaxy and prevent them from forming a galaxy in their own image, in response to the notion that the Frentierist movement led to the disaster that was the Jred Scourge. In effect he declared an unofficial war against the opposition.   Over time this message spread throughout the galactic courier network, and impacted the political development of states in Civilized Space. Stelsoc nations, especially the Cincastrella Confederacy, but also the Aseni Popular Republic, and to a lesser extent the Socialist Republic of Romantia. Many of these nations would go on to form the Mutual Development and Assistance Pact, which would then become a major influence on colonial development in the Near Frontier, particularly in Pardian Space. However, many nations including the Aseni Republic of Vega, the Republic of Istengrav and the State of Pariah, opposed this and informal, or formal partnerships would be formed to check the spread of Stelsoc thought.
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