Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood is a weathered female human. She is rather small and healthy, and has yellow eyes with tan skin. The most notable physical trait of Sarah is that she has jug-like ears.   Sarah is a habitual liar. She says ‘like’ a lot. She is proud. When she is relaxed, she is outspoken. In moments of stress, she becomes sarcastic.   Sarah is currently reasonably successful as a druid, with a background of being a sage. She belongs to the commoner social class.   Sarah currently has spectacles worth 5gp in her pockets, and 30 Gold 6 Silver 1 Copper to her name. She lives on Laylanna's Close. She prefers the same gender, but sometimes finds other genders attractive , and has a husband, Johnus Butcher.   Sarah currently earns 1 Gold 4 Silver per day.


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