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May we find our way to His Halls [of Pegharâk] when our gods call us away from the world.
— A common dawr prayer
Among the dawr, the dead are given very little preparation. The belief is that, the second that a dawr dies, their soul is snatched up by Sret and brought to His halls. A short ceremony is held to make sure that the soul finds peace (and isn't brought back by some necromantic rite) and then it spends the blissful rest of eternity in Pegharâk.


Naturally, all three dawr deities (SretChek and Kwist) inhabit the Halls. They inhabit the three large houses located at the centre of the gigantic cavern, and They often walk about to talk to the various other inhabitants.   Naturally, every dawr who has ever died - with the exception of the few notable evil ones - finds their way to Pegharâk. There, they toil on some project related to their area of expertise when they were alive: sculptors make large statues in tribute to the gods, farmers create perfect crops of wheat and vegetables, and thinkers puzzle out new theories on the rules and physics of the multiverse.    While the dawr don't believe in angels or godly servants, per se, various other spirits from folklore often live here when they are not menacing the world of the living. This provides the hunters and warrior-folk of the dawr something to chase for the rest of eternity, as well as rounding out the ghostly fauna of the plane.

The Grand Passage

This relic of the ancient days when the three deities travelled between Endaman and Pegharâk freely and often is still in existence, supposedly. It naturally does not lead anywhere, the dark tunnels only ending in cave-ins. While not mentioned directly in the Holy Tablets, it is commonly believed that the recent dead wander these tunnels for a short period of time to cleanse their sins before being permitted to enter the plane proper.
Alternative Name(s)
Sret's Halls
Dimensional plane


Pegharâk, as one can expect for the places of the dawr, is a cavern of supernaturally massive size. While none who have been to Pegharâk have been living, and therefore no one knows for certain, it is believed to be as twenty-five times as large as the largest dwarven city.   The cavern of Pegharâk is dotted with small stone huts where the various gathered souls live. One is already been made for every good dawr in Endaman, and while its furnishings are simple, it is perfectly suited to its occupant.    Other physical characteristics beyond the three large houses at the centre of the plane are not known.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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