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The Pact of Reforging

At the end of the reign of the Iron Sovereign, the queen's campaign had left a bloody, shattered mess of the kingdom. In order to best preserve what was left and end the expensive, draining mission of conquest, Queen Vashir's advisors and generals arranged a bloodless coup in which she was cornered and left without option but to come to an agreement.   After much deliberation, it was decided that simply removing the queen would not help the situation. The loyalists that rallied behind the Iron Sovereign were too great in number and she had too much power. If she were to end her reign of war and terror, it would need to be viewed as a mutual and logical decision by the queen herself.   And so the Pact of Reforging was created. An extraordinarily lengthy contract, the original sheets of vellum upon which the pact was written are still kept and maintained to this day, for it contains, in great detail, all the liberties and responsibilities of the royal family. The idea was to allow her to remain a symbolic leader of a newly-forged kingdom (named for her too) in exchange for publicly and consensually establishing a new government, which she would proclaim in a royal decree to her citizens. This speech would then be repeated verbatim across the land. The queen offered up control of her kingdom to a democratic council of her (previously) most trusted advisors and generals.   To the citizens of the newly-dubbed "Vashira", the Queen had taken a smart, logical and thoughtful step towards excellent governance, a move that was conscientious of the people, many of whom had become recently disillusioned with her. For the council, they now had the ability to exert their own control over Vashira, which began with the cessation of hostilities with Kur'Taloth to the south and the offering of peace talks.

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  • All control over the military direction and forces of the kingdom of Vashira, which comprises all lands previously held solely by the Vashir royal family, are now the sole responsibility of the Hearthkeepers of Vol Khadiroth. This includes all declarations of war and/or peace with external kingdoms, both withstanding and future.
  • The royal family will continue to undertake constitutional and representational duties. The Vashir line will internally elect a representative that acts as the reigning monarch. This individual will remain in possession of powers that include the ability to appoint and dismiss figures of lesser civil authority, the regulation of civil services, issue passports and participate in meetings of international agreements, subject to majority veto by the Hearthkeepers.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Vellum / Skin
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