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In Isturoth, there is a system of communication that is used predominantly by the deaf that involves using hand gestures a means of conveying messages to one another. It is so named because originally it was developed as a religious practice. Reverence of the earth and stone gave birth to a form of communication that was completely non-verbal, just like stone itself. While initially only learned and practiced by priests of Drevok, it was eventually taken up by the greater population of Isturoth when it was discovered the deaf could use it to communicate.   Stonespeech has evolved from early Ituur but hasn't changed as much as the spoken language has. It has undergone its own development since its conception, independent of Ituur. As a result, much of the meaning and conveyance appears more old-fashioned or unconventional. Indeed there are sounds that can be conveyed through the use of stonespeech that have long-since gone extinct from modern Ituur.   It is not only through manual movements that individuals can communicate with Stonespeech. Postures or movements of the body, head, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and mouth are used in various combinations to convey more complex messages or attitudes behind the words and letters.   There are others besides the deaf community that make use of Stonespeech. It is not uncommon for military personnel to adopt Stonespeech to signal soldiers without making noise. Scouts are often well-versed in Stonespeech, as are thieves and con-artists.  

Geographical Differences

There are minor differences between the Stonespeech of those from Vashira and those of Kur'Taloth. These are mainly difference in attitudes and moods, as well as the fact that those from Kur'Taloth will assign symbolic names to towns and cities that do not correspond to their names in Ituur. Conversely, the Vashira population will spell out their spoken names letter by letter.
Spoken by

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Aug 14, 2023 22:47 by Julien P

Interesting tale of a sign language that is used originally by a minority for mimic to their stone cult, and to evolve for practical use of totally unrelated deaf and military. Nice little details about variation between cultures for the language, that could expand in a very interesting list, with reason as to why one culture changed it from an other.