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High Metallurgy

The name given to the field that involves the creation of devices and machines. In essence, it is the Isturian name for engineering and physical knowledge applied to forgecrafting. A defining trait of this is often the presence of gears, springs and other mechanisms that give life and motion to otherwise static or manual creations.   Metallurgy (or "Forgecraft") is one of the most accessible and valued skills in the kingdom of Isturoth. However, only those who engage in years of study and tinkering are able to progress into High Metallurgy. Only the most populace cities will be able to provide libraries, schools and mentors that will allow one to learn about the physics and engineering knowledge required to enter the field.  


High Metallurgy has existed for thousands of years in some form or another, dating back to the empire of Lord Blackwood who used siege machines in his grand conquest. The technology (and study of it) is most often attributed to the deity known as Akhmat, the god of creativity, knowledge and inspiration.   However, more recent innovations can be attributed to individuals, such as the inventor of steam- and heat-powered machines, and modern tinkering.


With Isturoth's recent industrial revolution, there is more emphasis than ever on pushing the boundaries of what can be built. This also comes off the recent wartime Isturoth has endured, which gave the kingdom some necessary leaps forward in terms of technological innovation. As expected, this sometimes results in disastrous events of varying degrees of severity, as a result of over-eager inventors who take shortcuts or go without full knowledge of what might happen.

Social Impact

High Metallurgy has rippled through all facets of Isturian society. While initially restricted to military advances, the applications of new creations are legion.

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