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The Art of Change

The Art of Change (15x20).jpg
Map Size - 15x20   This small and well guarded little building is home to Mathias Flak. He runs a small money lending operation, those that seek business or other loans can come in, though at a steep cost if payment is not made.   The business is legal in Saltmarsh though a bit frowned upon by some of the locals. Its no secret that the business is owned by Gellan Primewater, but he tries to keep the connection distant to maintain his reputation. His interest rates and terms are negotiable, but are strictly enforced. Mathias occasionally has trouble collecting money from others, and will the help of adventurers to retrieve it for him.   A few others have been seen coming and going, the wizard Olune and Gellans daughter Priscilla are known to frequent the small store.  

Mathias Flak

Mathias Flak is the purveyor of The Art of Change, a money-lending operation in Saltmarsh. He works with Gelen Primewater, and is a stickler for doing things precisely by the book, coin for coin and word for word. He is sly, clever and meticulous, and strikes people as the type not to cross.


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Mathias Flak

Parent Location

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