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Pinnacle of Freedom Isles

The Pinnacle of Freedom Isles are a collective of small islands that form a notorious archipelago located a short distance off the Akados coast. Within civilized society the region is known as the Tumatenga Archipelago, but most simply know it as the pirates domain. After a crushing defeat at the hands of Bards Gates navy, the isles have fractured into the three dominant towns that are governed by independent pirate lords. They ply the waters up and down the Sinnar Coast as well as the traders the cross the vast Sinnar Ocean, whether from the Kingdom of Oceanus, the traders from far-off Khemit or even the ships of the The Stoneheart Valley Trading Company.  


When the Hyperborean Empire was in decline and migrations began across the continent, some explorers began to traverse the oceans despite a lack of heavy ocean-faring vessels. The archipelago was quickly discovered by traders off the coast of Akados, who sought to settle the land for the rich resources the islands provided.   When the traders began to construct settlements and explore the interiors of the islands, it was evident that they were not alone. Mysterious frog creatures and other beasts fought them at every turn until the region was simply abandoned, decreed to be too dangerous for the Hyperboreans to bother settling. When the great Darkness fell in 1491, all thought of the island disappeared for over two millennia as the region was shrouded in an impenetrable mist. Long after the poles shifted, the island chain was rediscovered by the new monarchy in the late 3100's and a land of mystery lay before them.   Despite the regional climate being temperate, the island chain exhibited a supernatural effect more like the tropics, making it a unique location for many fruits and crops that seldom grow elsewhere. Explorers and adventurers began to ply the island for resources and information, and were met with resistance. Vast beasts of antiquity roamed the western half of the island while the eastern half was populated by horrifying creatures known as the Slaad. Desperate battles were fought in an effort to tame the region until the monsters were pushed back and settlements arose. Crusaders arriving for the fourth great crusade used the ports as a stopping point, further securing the islands as a proper port in 3203.   When the Foerdewaith wars of succession began the isles began to exert their independence. Little growth occurred over the next few hundreds years as plague, beast and raiders took their toll on any who wished to settle her permanently, but eventually the ports grew into thriving trading outposts and bastions were built. The crown still considered the isles as part of its territory, but the corruption and lack of authority led to them becoming a haven for piracy. In the 3400's the trading empire of Bards Gate decreed that it was no longer governable and that those who call its shores home were pirates. Infighting and the threat of the navy kept the region in check, but those seeking glory and fortune flocked to the isles to seek out life beyond the monarchy or bards gates empires control.   The Sea Princes officially became a threat in the year 3490 after the three large ports were conquered by the dread pirate Jack 'Silvermane' Artemis. A near decade long escalation of raids began up the Sinnar Coast with a ruthless efficiency, sacking and stealing from Darnagal, Kennmouth, Saltmarsh and many traders seeking to ply their goods up the coast. Bards Gate responded in kind by the early 3500's, setting their naval vessels free to seek and destroy all those who dare fly the Jolly Roger.   Expecting an easy conquest, the first moves by the admiralty were met with fierce resistance and a series of losses. The pirates were better equipped and organized than expected and the dread lord proved a much more tactical commander than expected. A series of devastating losses were suffered in the early stages of the war, with a particularly bad defeat after the pirates baited the navy into Overlook bay. Unfortunately for the pirates the distant empire was undeterred and with near unlimited resources pressed onwards to secure the valuable shipping routes. After a renewed war effort, production of new modern ships, and new technology brought forth from the inner empire, the tide began to turn and the vast naval vessels of the empire began to take its toll. Eventually Jack Artemis was slain in a final last stand, but not before inflicting heavy losses.   Over the next 10 years the pirates empire slowly crumbled, with a blockade sealing many of the ships in their ports, but the Admiralty was forced to contend with internal politics and a final invasion force was never mustered. When Bards Gate was invaded in 3514 by the Huun, the Pirate Isles began a rapid regrowth and began to flourish once more. With the dread lords defeat, the three large settlements fell under the rule of the three pirate lords who rule their ports and with the navy busy with the Huun invaders, they were able to ply the trade routes and rebuild their navy once again.   After Pink took over Santa Quint and united the isles under her banner, she renamed them to the Pinnacle of Freedom Isles.  


Santa Quint - At the southern portion of the Isles lies Santa Quint, the smallest of the three settlements but sporting the largest navy. Led by the fearsome Pink, the worshippers of Besmara are some of the most daring pirates on the high seas.   Providence Bay, Allied with Santa Quint   Paillaco, Allied with Santa Quint


  • Map of Isles of the Sea Princes
Alternative Name(s)
Tumatenga Archipeligo

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