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​Kamien, Goddess of Rivers, Springs & Streams


Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Nature
Symbol: A fish riding upon three wavy lines upon a green copper amulet
Garb: Robes of turquoise, brown, and azure with bracelets and anklets of blue
Favored Weapons: Javelin, spear
Form of Worship and Holidays: Spring and fall floods bring sacrifices to Kamien to ensure that rivers do not rise too high. At midsummer Rising, followers gather at rivers to appeal to the goddess to keep them flowing
Typical Worshippers: Women, nymphs, sprites, nereids, other water creatures and fey, prostitutes, boatmen, bargemen, fishermen, river giants.
Kamien is the embodiment of springs, streams, and rivers appearing as a woman with s skin like silvery, rippling water, or as a great silvery scaled fish. Bargemen and fishermen who ply her waterways toss coins into streams, fountains and brooks to ensure safe passage and plentiful catches. She is considered to be the mother of nymphs and sprites and is a member of the Court of Fey.​
Divine Classification

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