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47 - 10/14

After Zelem used an illusion to win the bull-riding event, the group continued to check out the remainder of the circus. The first stop was Madam Melez's Magical Mysteries where the group got a few magic items, followed by a stop at a stage where the a pair of tieflings performed a comedy show involving swords and a unicycle.   Next the group checked out Vienders Valuables where a jolly man named Viender sold them a few trinkets. Ruven challenged Danta to a bean-bag toss game, and the group watched intently for a bit as a band took one of the local stages. Afterwards the main stage bell run out, and the group hurried up to the main seating area to watch the show.   The group was surprised to see their companion be led up from the lower level, a bewildered Danta took to the stage while one of the circus folk smirked in the background. To his surprise, Danta began to sing. Magically the stadium filled with music, and the bard showed off his impressive lyrical prowess as he began to sing a love ballad. The group and crowd were stunned by his impromptu performance, and his circus-folk companion was stunned that he pulled it off on a whim.   Afterwards Danta was released to the main area and caught up with the group. He explained there was an underground section, and his circus companion had led him up to the stage unwillingly in order to make a fool of him.   Deciding this a likely place to find information, the group descended into the fresh-dug caverns beneath the circus. Here they were confronted by a Yuan-ti Pureblood with a large snake, who was . She and a few circus performers put up a fight but were dispatched by the party before any could escape. Daladrina was kept alive, and gave minimal useful information on Gileans whereabouts, only that he had not been at the circus like usual for some time. A sympathetic circus performer named Sneary handed Danta an encoded note. Zelem discerned that it was a shift cipher. The note said "Ilf. Keep Eyes on Wagons. -Siebkron".   In the same room, the party discovered a mysterious old women who offered to read the parties fortune. She told Panic "If seek ye the smoke of souls, troll the waters of the Briney Marsh", before offering the group a single draw from a mysterious deck of cards. Panic panicked, warning them of the dangers of drawing from this mysterious deck that is only discussed in hushed whispers in the academic circles. But curiosity got the better of the group, and Danta drew a single card .. revealing The Fates. Though most knew not what portent this meant, Danta would be able to change the course of events some time in the future.   The group then continued up to the upper level and using a mixture of Morrigans Vampire charm and magic investigated the outer wagons. Here they found a few tied-up captives and a map etched into the wood leading deep into the swamp, where some hidden fortress lie. With the next breadcrumb toward the villonous Gilean Vel found, the group prepared to depart into the depths of the Briney Marsh.

Important Characters

Morrigan Oweland.png
Morrigan Oweland - Morrigan is a noble from the town of Saltmarsh. She serves the dark goddess Hecate who has transformed her servant into a fearsome creature of darkness, a unique form of Vampire. Upon return to Saltmarsh she has now reclaimed her position and is one of only two noble families in charge of the port city. Morrigan has formed the Akadian Pact and an alliance of towns in the Plains of Mayfurrow.
Zelem - Tiefling, conman and swindler. He has numerous alter-egos and a strange dark patron. Recently a mysterious tortle has given him a quest to find a powerful artifact, which seems to have been taken by a Priest of Muir. After his disguise was outed, he is now a famed hero of Saltmarsh and revered by the guard, much to his dismay. He has spent much time and money in turning the former town of kennmouth (now, Fortune's Crossing) into a haven for his criminal enterprises.
Panic - A tiefling more like a moth than a devil, the charming Druid joined the group in an effort to save her beloved from a terrible affliction. She is weary about some of her new companions, but hopes that together they can help her. She was recently expelled from Brighthallow, but has learned that Embers terrible affliction might be cured through the mysterious Gilean Vel, who is somehow beholden to the Vel family curse.
Ruven - A trusty half-elf that has worked with Zelem in the past, after her adventures with the Snake God in the south she has ventured to the north with her friend Panic in an effort to aid her on her quest. She seems distrustful of the significantly more evil companions Zelem has found himself in the company of, but has reluctantly continued to journey with them. Upon return to Saltmarsh she has taken up the role of Spymaster and seeks to further the parties goals by learning as much as she can of the nearby regions.
Pink - After exacting revenge on her mutinous crew, she has reclaimed her title as Captain of the Lady Matilda and is now Pirate Lord of the Pinnacle of Freedom Isles. With the assassinations from the Stoneheart Company she has continued on to conquer the remaining ports, and rallied them to her side. She has now returned to Saltmarsh to aid her companions in their endeavors.
Danta - The Half-elf Bard has aided the Owelands in the past and is a friend of Morrigan. Having met an untimely death in the mysterious caves now controlled by Hector, the party has managed to resurrect their old friend who know has joined them on their adventures. He has taken to personally leading the task of forming an entertainment district in Saltmarsh.
Dust Witch.png
Dust Witch - A member of the circus and mysterious seer, the witch foretold the way forward and let Danta pull a card from a deck that contained many mysterious things.

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