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The Library at the Centre of All Things

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Pompous, isn't it? Well, I do not have a better name for it yet. And it describes its function quite well. This place partakes in none of the many realities of existence. Outside of the wooden walls lies only Æther, interdimensional space or whatever you would like to call the void between the various planes of existence. Building was no easy task, mind you. And as such, please do not stain the carpet nor break the chairs. They might take offense.   My kind possess the innate ability to cross the boundary between the worlds, and roam freely in this infinite multiverse. While some of us use their neverending life to weave elaborated schemes on the scale of a whole world and others actively engage in the war between the all-consuming Void, my interest lies elsewhere.   Never in my long life have I ever be bored by the wonders existence has to offer. Despite how fleeting it is, life is a marvel wherever you set your eyes. Now, even if I could write hundreds of encyclopedias at the same time — which I am doing right now, as a matter of fact —, I would not be able to record the integrality of noteworthy events, species and people. Instead, I wander the worlds and take not of the most notable things to witness.   Bear witness to the most complete and lacking records of all things that existed, in a time before you and your world came to life, or long after both are gone. The various articles will be grouped by the plane of origin, however I enjoy associating some of them should I feel like it. I hope you will enjoy your time here.