ISS Black Viper

In the deep space lies what remains of the ISS Black Viper, an imperial spaceship without any known records dating back hundreds of years ago. She's not in the best of shapes to say the least; a broken bridge and shattered metal litter the side port. The barren depths aid in her preservation, but there are creatures who enjoy the vast opportunities she has to offer them. They're a wild and excited bunch. They all seem content enough to share this abandoned vessel as a group like a family of sorts.   The ISS Black Viper makes for quite an unsettling sight, a stark contrast of the natural world and that which isn't supposed to be here. She still stands upright for the most part and not much remained of the little details that once made her stand out. A whole bunch of crates and containers of various sizes leave the remnants of a shipment that will never be delivered. Mundane items and trade-goods are all that can be seen through cracks and gaps in the wood.   Various bones and skeletons are scattered throughout the ship, in which they likely belong to the crew, but it's impossible to tell without investigating.  


In 681 AD, the ISS Black Viper was an imperial spaceship created served the Galra Empire while being owned by the Vrouryn Kingdom. This ship was designed to attack planets, take prisoners, and destroy whatever stood in its way.   But after 550 years, the ISS Black Viper was under attack from a strange group of space pirates. The ship couldn't handle the damage it was taking, since its shields were in the middle of being upgraded and had to be shut down for the process to be completed.   As of now, the ISS Black Viper is located in center of the Broken Bones, a graveyard of spaceships that have been left behind after the War Of Broken Bones. The ISS Black Viper was the first ship of the graveyard, which led to other ships attempted to plunder from it and only getting destroyed by the electric beams that randomly turn on and create a web pattern. There is no known location of where the beams come from.
The Vipe
Cargo Space
Incredibly good
105-125 members
Fuel Supply
Last for weeks
Passenger Space
Incredibly good
Strong enough to block out a Zaiforge Canon blast
Travels at light speed
Very Good
Contained an advanced medical bay
Contained an infirmary
Could endure heavy use for years without needing repair
Easily upgraded cargo space
Had a tractor beam
Most commonly used for intra-system tasks
Ship's logs were automatically encrypted

Cover image: by Yuri_B (Pixabay)


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