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If you are new to learning about The Leyden Nexus and have not reviewed all of the guides listed on Getting Started that apply to you, then please go there and review the guides before continuing on to read this article.


Welcome! This is de-facto article for describing The Leyden Nexus and the world of Maalen'ar at the highest level. The following guide should prep you with the knowledge and information needed to dive into The Leyden Nexus and the world of Maalen'ar.  

First - Make sure to read the User Guides that apply to you!

A Player's Guide, Reader's Guide, and Contributor's Guide can all be found on the Getting Started Page:  
Getting Started
Generic article | Nov 26, 2022
  You should start your journey in The Leyden Nexus and its WorldAnvil by reading all guides that apply to you! So, a player should review both the Player's Guide and the Reader's Guide. Someone who is just wanting to explore the WorldAnvil just needs to review the Reader's Guide.  

Second - Read through world meta!

The world meta gives you all you need to know regarding world theme, genre, foci, current drama points, and inspiration!   Click here to open world meta in new tab  

Finally - Journey Forth!


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