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The Latin World

1002th Year of the Empire, Ninth Year of the Reign of Emperor Tullus III

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Rome had one chance to conquer the world and they let it slip through their grasp. When Diocletian split the Empire in twain he set his capital in Rome and set about the process of rebuilding the Western Roman Empire to its previous heights. The goal was to return to the birth place of the Empire and reconstruct what had fallen into ruin. Resources from the rich Eastern Empire were poured into the West, beginning the gradual process of rebuilding.   When the Migration Era arrived and the Germanic tribes knocked on Rome's door, the Western Roman Empire rose to fight them, while the Eastern Empire shattered from years of increasing neglect. Goths, Vandals, and Huns rule the Levant and Anatolia. Gaul has fallen the the Germaic tribes and new Empires and Kingdoms rise to fill Rome's void in the region. Hispannia is in open revolt against the Empire. And the border is ever pressured by new arriving threats.   While much has been lost to the invaders, Rome fights back; slowly but surely regaining lost territory. Rome always fights back.

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