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The Last City

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The sky fades from hazy pink to midnight purple over The Last City. It's always night here after what happened to the atmosphere, but for roughly half of every day you can feel sunlight filtering in through the rosy heavens and see by sunset hues. Once night falls, the sky bruises dark, and the comforting presence of a broken moon is somehow plainly visible through the haze. They say the moonlight is Sybil's blessing... It's one of the only reminders that anything exists beyond these city walls.   Divnyeb Cherkrahm says the world ended in war. The Skrebki say it died to greed. Sybil Belezolo says that every good left in the world was brought to The Last City so that humanity could begin anew. Whatever caused it, there's one thing they all agree on: There's nothing past those walls but death and darkness. If you're to have any sort of life at all, it has to be here.   But what kind of life can you lead in this place where every inch of land is claimed by a group that is trying to purge a part of their humanity? In the moonlit metropolis of Sybil, your value is determined by your worth. Those who prosper are blessed by the goddess of greed and prophecy, and charity for the reviled poor is unheard of. In the botanical caverns of Div, your life belongs to nature. You put your efforts towards agriculture or reverence otherwise... You'll become food for one or the other. In the blood-soaked streets of Voynudezhna, you could be killed at any moment. Violence and theft are the norm in a society of might makes right, built by rebels who don't know how to stop rebelling. In the sweltering server-racks of Zavtrabota, your worth and everything else is determined by sprawling machinery that watches your every move. If you want to try and leave the city, your best bet is Skrebki. The Scrappers don't know what ownership is though, and they'll take the shirt off your back if they think they could use it better. The scary part is, it's not theft there. Trying to contest it will only get you labeled Greedy.   So is there hope? Or is the last of humanity bound for despair? Every district speaks of them differently, but they all have legends of magic and those who wield it to fight a secret war against all that is wicked. Tearing apart the metaphysical concepts of greed, violence, and self-loathing that gunk up the works and stagnate The City. Some call them sorcerers, witches, mahous, Chosen... The truth however lies in The City's youth. The silent battle against evil is fought by magical girls.

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