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Tavaka is a large bird that Dinah Dragmire had adopted as a pet and the de facto mascot of her business. He is an unknown species of parrot that is not native to Hyrule and his specific origins are unknown, but he was brought to Hyrule by one of the several foreign merchants who come to Hyrule to sell their wares from other continents of the world. Dinah found the bird one day being harassed by his handler, and on closer inspection, she found that the bird was malnourished and obviously abused. After interrogating the handler, Dinah learned that this particular bird was able to speak, so she purchased the bird and named him "Tavaka" which is Gerudo for "talkative".   After nursing Tavaka back to health with plenty of love and care, Dinah was delighted to hear that the bird actually could talk. Less delightful was the fact that the only words and noises that he preferred to parrot were sexual in nature, especially any and all encounters between his new owner and her girlfriend, Miss Chiron.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The feathers of Tavaka's body and tail are orange, his head has red feathers, and his wings are light green. He has a large black and hooked beak and short yet extremely sharp talons.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tavaka loves fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables, and small insects. His favorite foods appear to be voltfruit, endura nuts, and live electric darners.

Additional Information


Tavaka is semi-domesticated: a wild animal that has been acclimated to people. He has come to see Dinah as a partner, but lashes out at everyone else.

Average Intelligence

Tavaka is an intelligent bird that has been known to train his handlers to give him extra food. He seems to know that his mimicry causes distress to others and it seems to amuse him. He particularly picks on Fenli by mimicking the Rito's orgasmic moans whenever he walks into the room. When in front of Dinah, he acts calmer and more docile and seems to enjoy her touch, whereas he tries to bite everyone else until they give him a treat.
Scientific Name
Parrot (specific species unknown)
50-70 years
Conservation Status
One-of-a-kind (in Hyrule)
Average Height
3 ft. from head to talons; 4.5 ft. from head to tailfeathers
Average Weight
12 lbs
Average Length
5 ft. wingspan

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