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The Lady Warrior Saga

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Like the novels, this world bible is a work in progress.

  The Fanterra Plains seemed vast but they were only the main feature of the Great Southern Peninsula. To the north lay the Blasted Lands, volcanic deserts and lava beds formed by the volcano Mount Myr and further north still lay the Great Southern Wilds, a dark forest that few dared to traverse, part of the Vast Wildlands, which effectively isolated the Great Southern Peninsula from the rest of the world.   Here on the Plains, societies grew, coalesced, faded, and died. The fae folk and semi-humans, Semians, ruled supreme, their ability to control magic bringing them great power. There were also humans here. Lost in the wilderness, unable to control magic in any form, humans lived only because of a faded promise that the other races had made to protect them. No one really knew why, but they did their duty, sometimes grudgingly.   Then two humans fated to change the world, came up out of the isolated human villages of the Nesting. Diamoniqua, D'Mique, a young lady who fancied herself a warrior, and a mage, Marco of Trinik. This is their story.

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