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"And we have heard rumors of you, Marco. A "peculiar" boy in Trinik, who talks to fairies." Marco's face soured and his father gaped. "Well, I suppose we should officially test you," Sylus continued, resignation and disbelief coloring his voice. Facing Marco he held out his hand, level with Marco's chest, before closing his eyes and stepping into the Mage Realm. [...] At length he turned to Marco's father, "Magistrate your son is a mage," he said, his disbelief at his own words unhidden. He contemplated the painful shock he had received from Marco's wall once more, waiting for it to fade completely. "With training," he continued in a cautious half-whisper, "he will be strong enough to sit on the council or even serve as a Syra,” Marco and D'Mique gaped.

"But he's human," D'Mique breathed. Marco glared at her.

The magistrate sighed with relief, "Well that's a load off my chest." He turned to the walled village, "Did you hear that?" he shouted, brandishing a fist at the closed gate. The three beside him jumped, startled. "Magic enough to be a Syra!"

Marco of Trinik is the first human mage discovered on the Fanterra Plain in decades. He is trained in pattern magic, and is a member of the Potentate. He is also an Earth master and Chosen of Earth.
  Marco is from the small village of Trinik, inside the Nesting. He grew up a loner and outsider, an odd boy who played with "fairies." These wisps of golden light he could see and interact with were Earth. Unaware that he was a mage, Marco learned to shield himself from the Mage Realm and the forcelines there. After reaching adulthood, he was accepted into the Academy and trained as a mage with the Potentate. As his training ended, his commanders realized he was too powerful to remain with the Potentate and that only the Earth Master Myrth could train him to control his power and achieve his full potential. Because of this, he became the reluctant Chosen of the Earth Master.

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