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Mara, Trillip's lost love. Land-Nymph society is hyper-focused on mated pairs in an attempt to keep bloodlines from becoming too entangled. As a result, marriages are scrutinized for the number of shared relatives. When Trillip and Mara decided to wed, the Elders deemed their bloodlines too similar and Mara was given to another. Because the Land-Nymphs are nearly extinct, they cannot afford to let any female forego motherhood. Mara was forced to marry and forced to conceive. As a payoff for agreeing to bear her new husband's children, she was given the right to name them. Her daughter, Trillopani, T'Pani, carries Trillip's name instead of her father's as a result.

Character Portrait image: by Sherrie Bakelar Built with Portraitworks


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