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Beside them the water churned as another korsk surfaced. Clippen fell into an on-guard stance facing the beast, ready to dissuade it if it also rolled toward them. Marco took a deep breath, watching the daemon-kin's length slip from the deep, dark water, its blunt snout and oval head leading the way. Glistening fur fell away from its eyes—eyes aglow with daemon-fire that bathed the ferry in red—exposing scaly black skin. Marco swallowed hard as the beast rolled sideways, away from the ferry. Its seal-like flipper cleared the water next exposing a huge pike of bone at the tip, just one of the korsk's weapons. In front of the ferry, only an arm's length from Marco, another korsk surfaced opening its mouth and hissing through a forest of fangs.
Water daemon-kin, the korsks are whale-sized, pinniped creatures with thick fur-covered skin. Their front flippers are tipped with bone spikes that they use for fighting and rooting around on the sea floor or lake bed. They are dominent daemon-kin, meaning their eyes glow red in the dark. They live throughout the Endless Sea and can also be found in the Sea of Scorn, near the Water Master's palace. As Water Beasts, the Water Master can influence them and has harnessed those in the Sea of Scorn where they are used as a form of transportation.


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