Asuri Sugar

Asuri sugar or "mallow sugar" is a sweet compound derived from the roots of the Asuri sugarmallow plant. One of the Azure Isle's largest and most valuable exports, it is a very important ingredient in a lot of Asuri cooking as well as in the process of making Rotin, a potent alcoholic rum-like beverage made from the sugar.  


Asuri sugar production starts by collecting the roots of the sugarmallow and soaking/washing them thoroughly before grinding them on large ceramic graters. This paste is then pounded with a mortar and pestle to further break down the cell membranes, and then the moisture is squeezed from the pulp through fine cloths. This liquid is then simmered down slowly until it forms a thick, sugary paste. The paste is often sold as-is for alcohol production or as a drink sweetener. More commonly though, the paste is solidified into bricks which are then packaged in waxed paper.  


The sugar is used primarily in sweet foods. Used as a syrup to top pastries and sweets, as well as a drink sweetener- its semi-liquid form can be a very convenient way to use sugar. In its brick form, it can be transported easily and safely across the world to be used in countries that do not have the climate to grow sugar themselves easily. In the Azure Isles, a common afternoon "pick-me-up" sweet involves drizzling the syrup into cold milk and whisking it until its frothy. In brick form, slivers of the solid sugar can be carved off easily with a sharp knife. A common practice outside of the Azure Isles is to pair slivers of the sugar with soft cheeses as a very lavish accompaniment, or to shave slivers into strong liquors to sweeten them.
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Sugarmallow and varying forms and presentations of Asuri sugar


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