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Coronation Speech of King Ntiklon XIII

As is tradition Ntiklon XIII (formally Ntiklon Lagivu Gloines) performed his coronation speech in the middle of his first year of his accession to the Kingdom's throne, after a month to grieve for his father's passing and more time has passed. Officially, he ascended to the throne immediately after his father's death, but it is standard practice to give the new king the option for a short mourning period. It also gives the government officials some time to plan out the coronation ceremonies and to let foreign representatives arrive in the capital. While he would give three coronation speeches; one in Kadukuren, one in Xamohen and one in Skubak, the contents of the three only lightly changed so the one in Kadukuren will be discussed. As this one is delivered in the Royal City, the largest number of foreign and domestic dignitaries are present for it.   His coronation speech, as those of his forefathers before him, give a general outline of his anticipated focuses and interests for his upcoming reign. For Ntiklon XIII, he has three main focuses: foreign relations, expanding the Academy system within the Kingdom and seeking to further develop and expanding the economy (the last is regarded as near perfunctory by most). The focus towards foreign diplomacy is an outgrowth of living through the end of the Hursan Wars - he has no desire to have more conflicts involve the Kingdom and desires to build genuine relationships and partnerships with the neighboring kingdoms. On the domestic side, his interest in expanding the Academies of the Kingdom is him stating that education is important and needed for the Kingdom to improve. He quotes the Prophet, who argued that a strong education in the arts, philosophy and general knowledge is critical for a wise soul. He argues that these are necessary for a greater Kingdom and so plans to have new Academies built in at least every provincial capital and several lesser cities as well (a note that an Academy is more like a very basic public school, not a university and they require paid tuition).
Pronunciation Guide
Ntiklon Lagivu Gloinēs: N-ti-klon La-gi-vu Gloy-nes
Kadukuren: ka-du-ku-ren
Xomahen: ho-ma-hen/ cho-ma-hen (ch like Scottish loch)
Skubak: sku-bak
Hursan: hur-san


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