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Chapter 3: At the Gates of the Necropolis

Gates of the Necropolis   Hopefully the players realize that there’s a problem at the necropolis and go and investigate. Otherwise, bring any NPC bonekicker to announce that realization.     Approaching the necropolis, The marketplace, where earlier in the day, still had bustling merchants, was now in a state of ruin as hordes of zombies and skeletons wander through. The massive gates to the necropolis are wide open; katapesh soldiers of Pharsama do not appear to be securing the gate. In fact, they appear to have joined the legions of dead. One young soldier, Gaffe Bale, stands on an overturned wagon. She keeps the undead at bay, but they are threatening to topple the wagon with their numbers.     If she lives, she’ll tell them, that the gate has to be closed.     On either side of the gate is a tower. At the top of each tower is a wheel that someone can run inside to close each door. Towards the middle is a smaller wheel associated with iron bars. The doors must be shut before the bars put in place. The volume of dead trying to go through the gate is staggering though most are ancient bones held together by Ka energy. When the gates do start closing, there appears to be a collective intelligence as the undead attempt to push the doors back. Then from the Necropolis…Giants. Bones and armor of great beings march up to the gates to brace them open. The legends of the Pharaoh’s army having giants have been proven with this undead legion.   The players have to defeat the undead giants before the gates can be closed.     Other Bonekicker teams have headed to the opposite side of the necropolis to close the other gate. This leaves the runners on their own. Once Complete, they will find the other teams had similar results, but with both doors closed, it will be easy to organize the local militia and the remaining Guiding Spire Katapesh. When the players discuss the next steps, they will be informed that there is a pocket of undead coming from the old brick factory. It will then be suggested that the players take on findings the source of the undead, while the rest of the teams sweep the streets for any stragglers. Jeth and Jake of the Desert Dogs bring out large brass plates and spoons and start yelling “Bring out your dead!” much to the embarrassment of Gaffe Sethom

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