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Vorpal Blade

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The Vorpal blade comes from the time of Dawn of Truths. Where it was said that Taneth the Navigator frequently used the blade. Though Mournbane is a much more common name for the artifact in question. That being said the blade earned a mythic status in annals history.  
In the beginning when people had first begun making imitations of the blade, it found immense popularity in the naval forces of the Huronian people. The blade had become more or less a Captains weapon, as it was short enough, but weighty enough to be useful on the tight confines of a ship.  
As more and more of these blades began to appear in the hands of middle ranking officers of the Huronian military. The Generals of the mainland took an interest in the tool. They saw this type of blade uniquely suited for the tight close quarters combat of Phalanxes and shield walls. This weapon too was given ornamentation as a badge of office in the mainland armies.  
The blade continued to earn favor in the military for its weight and swiftness of movement, this became more so as the metal changed from the heavier steel to a much lighter weight Mithril. Despite the lesser weight behind the force of a strike, the exceptionally sharp edge tended to cut through whatever you swung at anyway.  
The Military seeing more and more proficient use of the weapon decided in the late 1100's that the blade would no longer be given out as standard equipment. This was done so that the weapon would hold a much more prestigious level of recognition. The blade was gifted to select few soldiers who were able to prove their worth.  
The heavily ornamented blades of the current age are predominantly ceremonial as firearms and artillery have largely taken the place of melee combat. Though those gifted the blade hold the same honorary rank of a Brigadier General, and are taught how to use the wickedly quick blade.


The Blade had earned the station a Medal of Honor to those who have achieved a great feat for the Huronian Military. These blades are prized possessions and those who own them are disturbingly quick with the shortsword.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
2ft long blade, from hilt is 10in
Base Price
Awarded only
Raw materials & Components
The main blade is made of Mithril, the Hilt being made of a mix of Brass, Copper and Gold. The Pommel of the Weapon is typically a dark sapphire in honor of the Seas for which the Navigator Sailed.


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