Quantum Entanglement Communication

Quantum entanglement (QE) is the primary method of faster-than-light communication used on starships, space stations and planetary installations. It works by creating a pair of entangled particles. What happens to one of the particles happens also to the other, no matter the distance between them. Thanks to that information can be transmitted over huge distances instantly.

Currently, there are two methods of using quantum entanglement communication. The first is stationary and is used mainly on starships, space stations and other facilities that require a constant ability to communicate with the rest of the galaxy. The other way is a little bit complex and it is related to portable devices commonly known as space phones. When using them a caller first connects to an operations centre where an AI operates the infrastructure that creates a unique pair of particles between the two callers. Unfortunately, a way of connecting more than two unique callers hasn't been developed yet. When a conference with more people through QE is needed people usually deal with it by gathering around each of the devices.

You have reached the New Warsaw QE communication centre. Who do you wish to call?
— AI in one of the operation centres

Social Impact

Invention of the first quantum entanglement communicators has been a huge boon to space exploration and colonization as well as to politics, miliary, business and everyday life. Before it any interplanetary messages would take days or longer to reach their destination. Meanwhile, interstellar communication was limited to courier ships. The information flow was very slow. Some historian speculate that if QE communication hasn't been discovered the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies would have splintered into many smaller countries limited to one or two star systems. The ability to send faster-than-light messages was the unifying factor for the republic.

Access & Availability
Complex to create, but easy to use
Year 2300

Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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