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Insectoid Species

A species simply known as the insectoid species is a species of giant insects resembling a hybrid of ants and spiders from the so-called Hive Planet. They have transformed almost all of their home planet into a giant hive and killed the majority of other life that used to live there.

The insectoid species is a wonderful object for scientific research, but we must not forget that if they are sapient and develop means of interstellar travel they would pose a serious threat not only to humanity, but to the whole galaxy.
— A human admiral

The species was dicovered 50 years ago, in 2320, by a human science vessel. From that very moment, the species has been classified as a potential threat.

Basic Information


The insectoid species has eight legs that resemble the legs of a spider and are divided equally on both sides of their long ant-like body. In the front, they have a head that is the same size as the rest of the body and has a pair of eyes divided into many smaller parts. Thanks to that the insectoid species has excellent vision. Their mouths have two fang-like teeth, which are theorized to have canals for some kind of poison that is administered to the victim.

Ecology and Habitats

The insectoid species can live in almost every climate as they have showed by turning almost all of their home planet into a giant hive. The only climate weakness they might have is extreme cold. The proof of that can be found in the tundra and polar areas of the their homeworld as well as on the peaks of the highest mountains. The insectoids don't live there.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Insectoids seem to be omnivores. There seem to be nothing that they can't eat. Humans learnt that the hard way when they first encountered that species. The away team that was sent to the surface was almost immediately eaten by them. Also, the insectoids have on many occasions eaten the automated probes that the Humans sent down to study them and the Hive Planet.

Geographic Distribution


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