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The Talent Lodge

In every world there are tales of the great that inspire and motivate all who hear them. There are also the stories of the lost, be they cautionary tales or mournful reminisce. And here is where those legends and myths met. So come in, come in, and let me show you the true wonders of the worlds you thought you knew. Let me show you the Talent Lodge.    Since you're here it's clear that you were skilled enough in something to be noticed by the Council of Talents. When we have the time I would love to hear your story. The Council is fond of their little games to bring people in. I'd be interested to see what clues they gave you to gain access. It's always an exciting tale. Ha, and am I glad you actually took the step through whatever door you arrived at. The council gets in a hissy fit when prospective members decline. (On a side note, if you meet them, don't mention Mr. Franklin. They're still a bit miffed with him. Though it would be entertaining to see, helps remind them they don't have complete control over everything.)

Purpose / Function

There is a saying here, 'You can find it here, but you can't take it there.' This of course reflects the passion and purpose of the Lodge. To seek knowledge, expand limits and explore the very fabric that makes the worlds spin. But the catch is that whatever they discover must stay in the Lodge, as per the quite, ahem, strict ruling of the Council of Talents. Bit of a stuck up group, though you didn't hear that from me.


The overall floorplan of the Lodge is quite simple. A rough, hollow square with the seasonal courtyard inside. There have been two floors for the past hundred years or so. (Rumor has it that they might be adding a third in the near future.) The hallways are filled with doors that lead to the various member's rooms. There is a level of customization withing each room, each one can be tailored to suit the interests of whatever path they are on. There are main kitchens that come off each of these bigger rooms, got to keep the bakers happy of course.


Now that's an interesting question. I'm not privy to the intricate details but from what I do know there really is just one way in and out of the Lodge (perks of a pocket dimension I guess). Those doors you see that look like they lead out? Only one of them actually opens at a time, when the door isn't activated it's just a door-looking wall. Which is also why you won't see any windows on the outer walls, apparently viewing the non-space in-between dimensions is somewhat of a secret only the council knows (A bit of a double standard but they do give access to pretty much anything the members want so I guess they let them have their little secret.) But all the doors inside, and the windows to the seasonal courtyard, are completely functional and quite often open at all times.

Sensory & Appearance

Ha, I do love the look on newcomer faces when they get here. The grandness can be intimidating. I'll just give you a moment to take it all in. The crackling of fires. The smells from the best bakers in all the worlds (I do think that is Desmond's signature dish, we are in luck tonight!). I can also see you feel the energy in the air, yes, it's always like this. It's sometimes difficult to talk with anyone here, all so busy and caught up in their thoughts. I remember a time a newcomer came in at just the worst time. Some of the masters of mechanics though they could outdo some magicians in a display. The poor sod, walked right into the showdown and nearly got his head taken off by a clockwork whale being flung by an irate magician who wasn't too pleased with coming in second. Like I said, it's a lot to take in. Okay, I'll be quite now...


Only the best and brightest are invited to enter the Talent Lodge. True, only the best and the brightest are actually aware of its existence. Here the Council of Talents has collected masters from all ranges of skill. There are the bakers, mechanics, artists, authors, scientists, magicians, performers, tinkerers, tailors and practically any other profession you can think of. And thanks to the Council (mostly wizards, but we don't hold that against them), each member receives a magical ring that helps them to elevate their craft to the next level. They also are the ones who provide the floating balls of light that you see scurrying around here, basic servants and whatnot. They take care of the daily upkeep and fetching things for the members. However they have to move fast if Jimbo is around. He is the only janitor I know to have made it here, truly spectacular. I highly suggests you finding him sometime and asking about how he got here. Now that is a tale and a half.


The Lodge has gone through some dramatic changes in its many years of existence. Starting with just a handful of wizards who could barely keep a broom closet open to the sprawling extradimensional space you see before you. Yes, a very grand accomplishment in anyone's eyes. A personal favorite of mine is the seasonal park in the center. It was a bit dour not having any outdoors in the early days.


Ah, I see you have an eye for the exquisite. Yes that is real wood, as real as any conjured material that is. The dark grain really highlights the lighter cobble they made around it. Certainly keeps it from being too oppressive in here. I think that's why the Council decided on adding the second story, really opens the place up. However you'll seen that the Council has some particular tastes. I mean, I love the aesthetics but having each hall and room look almost identical does get tedious after a while. Thank goodness we have the best artists in the galaxy to liven the place up.


Well... That's a delicate topic. The most obvious is that, since this is a pocket dimension, access is limited to only those whom the Council deems worthy and, well, talented enough to really push the quest for knowledge forward. Needless to say whomever controls the helm, can control who enters. I think the only other thing I can get away with saying is that there are adequate defenses. Especially since that messy business with the Heuristic League. Still not sure who the real winner was with that.


A historian as well, you certainly belong here. There are many rich stories that have come through these halls. Many a rising star have come through here, though the Council quite disapproves on people leaving once they are here. But there are some exceptions. The most recent I mentioned before with the Heuristic League I believe it was Henry Copeland who kicked that fiasco off. You'd think a collection of the most talented people in all the galaxy would find away to resolve their differences without resorting to a full-blow civil war. Though that was the most recent there have been others before who grew tired of the Council's tight reins on the Lodge and the spread of all the knowledge here. Dorathon banded a few of the residents here and I think found an uninhabited world to start anew. There was a handful of others that have left to wander the worlds, under strict orders not to disclose any of the knowledge they gained here.


Oh no no no. This isn't that type of place. Think of more like an exclusive high-end society group. The closest thing we get to tourism is any new member that comes in for the first time, that and interdisciplinary collaborations. They certainly aren't going to prevent a master baker or magician from observing a mechanic or vice versa. But the stipulation is that you have to be a master at something.
Founding Date
Soon after the creation of the galaxy. The exact date has been lost to time.
Alternative Names
The Lodge
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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