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Kalyani Das

Kalyani is an engineering lead at the public labs in New Alexandria. She is deaf and mute, and she is also (to put it generously) a bit eccentric, but she is also a brilliant engineer with the respect of all of her peers. Kalyani's creations are often incomprehensible in design and purpose, but they also so frequently bend or stretch the laws of physics as we understand them that they are seen as exalted creations all the same. Her work is used as a model by an entire generation of engineers. Kalyani defends her creations with zeal when the materials reclaimers come to recycle her work, which is viewed with mild annoyance and resigned amusement.   Kalyani Das is a Second-Tier Mad Scruddite who Calculates the Incalculable.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Kalyani has shown telekinetic abilities capable of fine manipulation of physical objects at a distance. In addition, she is a gifted and touched engineer capable of creating machines that are beyond the wild imaginings of most of her peers. Her background has also made her a skilled free diver and scavenger.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kalyani was born in Esra's Hall, a small settlement in the North of Nordic Frog Beach. The settlers of Esra's Hall almost universally use aquatic sleeves, and Kalyani was always one of the most daring of the deep-ocean freedivers. One day when she was young, she dove deep into the ocean in a Sealfolk sleeve. She wasn't seen afterwards for three days. On the third day, she was pulled from the water by a Scruddite who had found her while exploring a vast undersea ruin. According to the Scruddite, Kalyani was in a coma.   Kalyani was carried up the hill, to Scrud's Retreat. The Scruddite who rescued her believed that the Elder Scruddite of the order would be able to heal Kalyani. After an arduous climb, she was proven right - the Elder Scruddite had developed her Babel powers to the point that she was even capable of bringing people back from the dead, so waking Kalyani from a coma was well within her capabilities.    Kalyani stayed with the Scruddites for a decade after that. She had been struck mute and deaf by her experiences, but also began to scribe complex mathematical formulae everywhere that she could. The Scruddites were well used to this type of behavior and encouraged her as she began to create inhuman machines and creations. It was only after one of these creations came to life, got loose, and endangered the lives of other Scruddites that Kalyani was expelled (lovingly) from the Retreat.    She descended the mountain silently. After a period of wandering, she eventually came to settle in New Alexandria, where she was welcomed with open arms. After a short period of confusion, the authorities were able to communicate with her and offered her a job in the public city engineering labs. She accepted gladly, and began her experiments again.

Personality Characteristics


To shape her fever dreams into reality.

Current Location
New Alexandria
Date of Birth
Spring, Nordic Frog Year 192
Brown, kind, lively
Short, purple, curly
Skin Tone
Dark brown
175 lbs

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