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Scrud's Retreat

Scrud's Retreat is a mountaintop fastness on Nordic Frog Beach, built by the legendary hero Scrud at the dawn of present civilization. The Retreat resembles a stone monastery. Inside, Scruddites build machines, train, practice their magic, and just live their lives in peace. Anyone is welcome at Scrud's Retreat, as long as they're respectful and peaceful and bring the appropriate offerings.


Scrud's Retreat has no formal government, although the words of the oldest and most experienced initiates are respected more than the words of younger and newer initiates. Anyone can do whatever they want, although those people who disrespect others or cause chaos and destruction find that the Scruddites are more than willing and capable of kicking people's asses down the mountain if necessary.


Shortly after Nordic Frog Beach was settled, the legendary Scrud decided that she wanted to live alone on a mountaintop. She climbed the mountains of the continental interior, with her most fervent followers close behind her. When she reached the top, she built the Retreat from the stone of the mountain with her own hands, and lived out the rest of her days as a settler and a mentor to new generations. Over the last years of her life, many learned from her what it truly meant to be Scruddy, and she gave her fortress to anyone who wished to get away from modern life upon her death at the age of 132. In the last hundred and fifty years, the cult of Scrud has only grown, with the Retreat as its home base.


Scrud's Retreat is high on a mountain in central continental Nordic Frog Beach. Built of stone and rubberreeds, one must brave an extremely difficult 30-mile climb, in some places up sheer cliff faces, in order to reach the Retreat. The Scruddites do not allow flying machines to land on the retreat, but even if they did, it would take a very small VTOL craft to land safely near the fortress.   The view from the retreat is spectacular, as both coasts can be seen on a clear day, and the entirety of the continent's central river valley can be seen as well.

Founding Date
Spring, Nordic Frog Year 6
Inhabitant Demonym
Characters in Location

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