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The Forgotten Seas

88 After Rapture

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Some 80 years ago, a great cataclysm of unhinged magic shook the world of Talam to it's very core; it ruptured it's mountains, broke it's cities, and destroyed what was left in a great flood. In most of this world, only few people survived; scattered remnants of tribes, tiny villages scraping by, and the Wrecks inhabiting what is left; The husks of people, ravaged by the terrible energies of that cataclysm, usually reduced to their most primal urges of survival - no better than beasts.   This awe-inspiring and terrible event is known simply as Rapture.   There is one exception to this, though. The Citadel Ghearas, protected from this destruction by being in the very eye of the storm; wether it is because their magics protected them, or because they themselves caused this destruction, is unkown, but by some means this city of some 1 Million people survived, protected by a great magic field.   Only now have they let this shield slowly fall back, to find what might lie in the ashes of the Old World.


Sea World Blues

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Four people set out to explore the drowned world of Talam, Oh My!