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Soviet International Public Address, 2556

The Day We Held Our Breath

"This message is addressed to, not only the people of the Union, but to all humanity, of all nations and of all ideologies.   For the past two decades, the Union of Socialist Republics has been engaged in a conflict, that began in the far reaches of our sector of space, but has become more destructive and cataclysmic than anything that we have ever faced. Every day we are pushed further back into our own lands, as our planets and people are eradicated, by a threat that is not just ours, but an existential threat to all of humanity.   From what we can ascertain, a collective of alien species has launched a campaign to genocide the human race. So far, they may have only pillaged union systems, but now they threaten to attack shared inner colonies, and when they arrive, they will not stop at conquering one third of Earth.   We did not wish to acknowledge the war, for fear that other powers would take advantage of the situation in our time of weakness, but now we call upon you to set aside ideology, politics, and nationalism, to join us in this great patriotic fight. Not just for the future of the union, but for the future of us all."
- Vasily Chudo Soyuza, Premier of the Union, speaking to all three nations, 2556

Historical Details


The leadership of the Union of Socialist Republics had spent the past decade tentatively debating over whether to alert the Pan-American Security Organisation, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the people within them, to the threat they were facing. They feared that instead of helping them, they would see an opportunity to sweep up the lands that the Union could no longer afford to protect.   When enemy scouts were detected within the border of the inner colonies, they decided that the situation had become so dire, that they had no choice but to publicly address the entirety of humanity. They hoped that even if the Leaders of PASO and CON wanted to opportunistically invade the Union, their people would be compelled to join together to face the threat as a unified force.

Public Reaction

The reaction from the other two superpowers, and their people, was genuine astonishment. The British Prime Minister pledged their aid, to which the French, not wanting to be seen as cowards, immediately seconded. The¬†Commonwealth¬†Council formally voted to join in a emergency session, 2 months later.   The Pan-American Security Organisation was slower to join, first sending indirect aid in the form of weaponry and ships, but later joined when their own systems were attacked by the alien collective.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)


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