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Not too long ago, mythological figures and humans used to live in harmony. However, the humans grew scared of powers they themselves did not possess, and as human technology developed, it created weapons of mass destruction that even magic could not match; in time, the mythologicals grew wary of humans as well. It was not until a few years ago that the human government released a broadcast about the evils of the mythologicals, pushing both races over the edge and beginning the Great War, scattering the myths all over the world.   In the middle of the war, a human child, a magician of untapped potential, found something rare: a silver dragon’s egg in the forest. The hatching of the egg and the purity of the baby dragon inside solidified his resolve. The human vowed to help bring peace to the races, and flew to the largest continent, Eistros, to find somewhere to live, and to keep the dragon safe. The boy has since made his home in a mountain with thousands of dragons he has befriended over the years. He now resides there and has managed to bring most mythologicals to Eistros, where they are safe but impatient. The silver dragon has been his companion since her birth, and the boy became part of a council to decide how to move forward with the War, or solve it altogether.   So far no compromise has been reached.