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You reach out and touch the corpse of a creature. Over the next minute, the corpse begins to rapidly decompose, sprouting fungus and moss as it begins to degrade into compost and mulch. An odd-colored flower or two may also spring from the corpse in this time. Applicable requirements for resurrection are unaffected by this decomposition.


The purpose of this spell is to rapidly decompose a corpse. This spell does not interfere with resurrection magic, so this spell is largely just to get rid of the body quickly.

Side/Secondary Effects

An odd, small plant can sometimes bloom from the results of this spell, its nature requires further study.


The smell of fresh earth and compost as well as plant matter can accompany this spell.


The magic for this spell is pulled from The Weave.
Material Components
This spell requires no material components.
Gestures & Ritual
This spell's verbal and somatic components usually intone some kind of natural frequency enacting the necrotic forces of decay and rot. The somatic touching of the corpse focuses this energy on its intended target.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
1 minute
Effect Casting Time
1 action
Applied Restriction

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