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Forgotten Dells (/xi iʁˈsæmʲ vl̪æjˈnɛːs/)

Hi Vl̬aynees Irdsame

Wruthun's northern reaches are known to most as Hi Vl̬aynees Irdsame, "the Forgotten Dells," for a reason. As a place defined by its woodlands, groves, lakes, and summits. The North has an air of mysticism for which you cannot liken to the rest of Isthorna. An almost grave yet seductive calm, belying the eyes and charming the heart. Whispering, beckoning you to embrace the shadows of its forests and the dizzying mists of its lakes.   It is the Forgotten Dells, sitting at the edge of the North, that connects the Walcea Raurai, Ontrín Bhákiil, and Dunnol Tíriagh.

Fauna & Flora

Redthorns and Ovrut
Another species of tree that inhabits the Frontier is the “Redthorn”. Unlike the Duskwood trees, this species is particularly short standing at around 7 to 9 meters tall on average. However, like the other species, the Redthorn has its own peculiar traits as well. At its root, the tree seems to split and diverge into three differing trunks, each slender with a rough flourishing outward. So at first glance, it gives the Redthorn the appearance of three separate trees huddled close together, providing a welcoming warmth accentuated well in the spring and summer seasons. Also, each branch curves delicately upward, the branches creating something akin to a cloud of leaves. Those Redthorn leaves being a deep shamrock green color and shaped like wispy tears. Yet hugged around those leaves are orangish-gold fruit called “Ovrút”. These small jewels appear to be similar in size to haw fruit, each branch holding around five at most. Though surrounding the Ovrut are blood-red thorns, legend dictates that if you touch the thorns that you will perish afore the next dawn. It is because these thorns hold a poison that disrupts dhúrai within an individual, which manifests in an intense bout of searing pain. These thorns when cut also smell of rotting flesh, as though one brought a full tomb into their home.  
Azure Wraith
Azure Wraith, or "the Phantomcaller," two names given to the flower and herb by the Faerüsians and Sautins respectively, is known to many across the land as the Azure Wraith. Azure Wraiths are plants unique only to the Gaechi Cóbrinnea. The Azure Wraith is an oddity in itself known all across the Gray as a substantial healing agent, considerably delicate, and having a great affinity for low spirits. Though prominent in the Gaechi Cóbrinnea, the flower tends to grow only in the general area of Dronchár, close to its rivers and creeks. But what makes it truly stand out amongst the plant life is its color. Azure Wraiths have small, delicate petals flowing smoothly from a pale sky-blue in the center to become a bluish-purple at the tips. Each flower has at max six to ten petals forming a star-like shape, a thick green stem that appears to be two separate thinner stems wrapping around each other to form the sepal, which holds the petals and the red-tipped stamen.


  • A'Bren Talora Dhiamhae
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